Delta Beta Chapter at Eastern Illinois University

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Emily Fitzpatrick


Year: Junior Major: Special Education I like spending time with friends, watching movies, and reading. Fun fact: I'm left handed! I love my position because I love being a supporter for our entire chapter

Claire Litzenburg

Vice President Member Education

Year: Sophomore Major: Elementary Education I love my position as Vice President Member Education because I am able to teach our new members all about Kappa Delta. I get to see them learn, grow, and love Kappa Delta with the same passion we all have for this amazing sorority.

Lauren Lewin

Vice President Membership

Year: Sophomore Major: Business Management I love my position as Vice President Membership because I get to help the chapter recruit the best Kappa Delta ladies!

Hannah Greeling

Vice President Operations

Year: Sophomore Major: Communication Disorders and Sciences I love to watch Netflix, some of my fav shows are The Office & Parks & Rec, & I also love to travel! I love being VPO because I work to make sure that our chapter is attaining its goals & being the best that it can be!

Amanda Wetzel

Vice President Community Service

Year: Sophomore Major: Marketing/Entrepreneurship I love to draw and paint, workout, listen to music and hang out with friends. I love my position as Vice President Community Service because I get to work closely with all of Kappa Delta's value. I get to represent everything we stand for and believe in. Getting to be Vice President Community Service is an amazing opportunity that is making me a better person and Kappa Delta.

Nicole Salazar

Vice President Public Relations

Year: Sophomore Major: Elementary Education I love to binge watch Netflix, show off my dog, go downtown, and craft. I love my position as Vice President Public Relations because I have the ability to express our personality as a chapter through our social media! I enjoy being able to get creative and show off all the great things we do in and outside of Kappa Delta!

Earleesha Stoxstell

Vice President Standards

Year: Junior Major: Communication Studies I enjoy spending time with my sisters and music. I love my position as Vice President Standards because I get to try and guide our chapter in the direction to become better and greater Kappa Deltas.

Catherine Ward

Vice President Finance

Year: Sophomore Major: Dietetics I enjoy cooking, coffee, reading and love the Chicago Cubs! I love my position as VP Finance because I get to work with everyone in the chapter and be apart of an amazing council and chapter!

Megan Richardson

PHC Delegate

Year: Junior Major: Athletic Training I like to sleep, hang out with friend, go on drives, listen to music, and spend time with my pets. I was a dancer for 15 years and even went to Poland for a competition and got ranked 3rd nationally. I think PHC Delegate is great because in this position we are the voice for our chapter. In this position you are able to reach out and become close with a great group of women who all stand for the same things such as loyalty and commitment to servitude in the college community.

Karrigan Cowan


Year: Sophomore Major: Exercise Science and Pre Physical Therapy I love to eat, craft, travel, and drink coffee! I am gluten free (but only when I want to be). I love serving on council because Kappa Delta has given me so many great opportunities and I want to be able to give as much as I can back!

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