Delta Beta Chapter at Eastern Illinois University

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Paige Olsby


Year: Junior Major: Psychology; Minor: Women's Studies Some of my hobbies are hanging out with my family and friends! I love my position because I get to oversee all of the great things Kappa Delta does in a deeper way. I enjoy guiding our members and seeing the great things they achieve and accomplish.

Chrissy Kurek

Vice President Member Education

Year: Sophomore Major: Elementary Education Hobbies: Yoga, cooking, and working with kids I love this position of VPME because it allows me to share my love for KD with the new members and help them build their confidence and connection to KD in different ways!

Sami Bushnell

Vice President Membership

Year: Junior Major: Communication Disorders and Sciences Hobbies: Cheerleading, planning, working with kids, spending time/going on adventures with my family. What I love about my position is that I get to partake in the process of finding the right girls to join Kappa Delta. It's rewarding to contribute to the benefit and growth of our chapter as a whole in addition to our sisters individually.

Kendall Kurza

Vice President Operations

Year: Sophomore Major: Psychology and Family and Consumer Science Hobbies: Crafting Why I Love My Position: I love being able to organize the chapter and keep everyone updated on events and making sure we are leaders outside of Kappa Delta.

Abby Blatz

Vice President Community Service

Year: Sophomore Major: Kinesiology Sports Studies - Athletic Training; Minor: Spanish I enjoy watching sports, baking, and spending time with friends and family. I love my position because it's really helped me step out of my comfort zone and has brought me so much closer to my fellow sisters on council. I'm looking forward to Shamrock and the Girl Scout events I'm planning this year, this has really helped with my event planning experience!

Abby Lee

Vice President Public Relations

Year: Sophomore Major: Public Relations; Minor: Marketing I love to be apart of something bigger and being more involved in Kappa Delta is an amazing experience. Things that I do on a daily are things such as shopping, hanging with sisters, and always being able to be there for others. I love this position because it really lets me see a whole new side of Kappa Delta and all we do as an organization. It's also my major, so in the long run it's really going to help me become more passionate about what I will do later on in life.

Hannah Spillane

Vice President Standards

Year: Sophomore Major: Communication Disorders and Sciences Minor: Psychology Hobbies: Decorating, shopping, and hanging with friends and family I love my position because I am able to assist the chapter in being the best that we can be while maintaining a glowing reputation for Kappa Delta.

Alexis Haley

Vice President Finance

Year: Junior Major: Accounting I enjoy watching movies, working out, and painting. I love my position because it helps create better financial habits, I get to better the chapter as a whole, and I've learned a lot of leadership skills from it!

Allie Jones

PHC Delegate

Year: Junior Major: Family and Consumer Sciences; Minor: Sociology and Psychology Hobbies: Hanging out with my friends and family, watching Netflix, and baking. Why I love my position: I enjoy that I get to meet new people outside of Kappa Delta and representing Kappa Delta in a good way.

Emily Becker


Year: Freshman Major:

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