Delta Beta Chapter at Eastern Illinois University

Kappa Delta

Letter to Parents

Prospective Parents,

We are thrilled that your daughter is interested in Greek Life at Eastern Illinois University! Greek life is much more than a status symbol and an added expense. Joining a sorority, especially one such as Kappa Delta, will enhance your daughter’s collegiate experience. She will be provided opportunities to grow into the woman you imagined her to be.

Kappa Delta will teach your daughter the meaning of true friendship, sisterhood, as well as teach her how to be a confident, engaged member of society. She will learn to exemplify our founder's values throughout her collegiate and everyday life.

When I decided to join a sorority, I envisioned finding a group of women who would push me to do better in all aspects of my life. I wanted to find a group of women who I knew would be there years and years down the road. I have found myself and my people through Kappa Delta. This chapter is my home away from home: my family.

Kappa Delta is not just an organization that you're involved in as a college student. This sisterhood is for life. This organization provides countless opportunities from internships, leadership events across the country, scholarships, and even grants for its members. It is a sisterhood that has stood the test of time for over 100 years due to the extremely high standards set for its members. We must not forget that without parents like you, we would not have KD. 

With over 100 chapters nationwide and over 200 alumnae chapters, you are guaranteed a better world when you're a KD girl.